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I started using Herd Links a number of months ago on one of my more established websites, initially as a test as I hadn’t come across this form of link-building before. To be honest, I was not expecting much, but when the first report came I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of links. A diverse mix of websites, natural contextual links placed in live discussions. Then came the ranking changes a few months later, which I found quite shocking.

Here is an organic traffic comparison, taking the previous 3 months before Herd Links and the following 3 months after:

155% increase in organic traffic during that time!

Here is data directly from GSC:

A four-fold increase in the number of search terms that are pulling in traffic to my site.

Are all these ranking gains thanks to Herd Links? Nope, since I employ a number of tactics, as any savvy marketer would these days! That being said, I would attribute a significant amount of these results to Herd Links. This is incredible growth in 3 months from this covert link-building strategy. I did not expect this level of growth in such a short space of time. I’m absolutely continuing with the monthly subscription, thanks Growth Partners!